I was part of the team developing the Spanish Wordnet inside the EuroWordNet European funded project during 1996-1999.The original EuroWordNet project dealt with Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech, and Estonian. EuroWordNet is a system of semantic networks for European languages, based on WordNet. Each language develops its own wordnet but they are interconnected with interlingual links stored in the Interlingual Index (ILI).

Spanish and Catalan Wordnets follow the EuroWordNet framework and are structured in the same way as the American wordnet for English (Princeton WordNet) trhough synsets (sets of synonymous words) with basic semantic relations between them.

The initial version of the Spanish WN was developed in the framework of the EWN project using WN1.5 as ILI. The resulting wordnet was released through ELRA, and it still is nowadays.

After EWN project, I keep working with wordnets in the MEANING European funded project in several related topics, from porting sense to differnet versions of princeton wordnest to (e.g. SUMO or Top Ontology).

After EWN project, we continued developing the Spanish WN thanks to additional funding from public and private projects. The resulting wordnet, now using WN1.6 as ILI, was released by their owners using different licenses for commercial and research purposes. A small part of it was included in FreeLing versions 2.x.

The MCR-3.0 project includes a new version of Spanish and Catalan WN, linked to Princeton WN 3.0.

You can consult the MCR knowledge bases via theMeaning Multilingual Central Repository interface.